Monday, 11 February 2013


Ameera and Jaques' ceremony took place at St. Charles Catholic Church and their large reception was held in a Bedouin tent erected at the brides parents home in Parktown.

The lovely decor was sleek and stylish with a hint of pink in the Proteas as well as the bridesmaids dress and the cutest little flower girls outfits.

All the girls wore henna tattoos on their hands and feet. A lovely traditional element from Ameera's side of the family.

Ameera looked fabulous in her beautiful campaign gown. She was so calm! Happy and smiling throughout the day, even though it poured as we arrived at the church and there were problems with the electricity (because of the rain). She just smiled continually and enjoyed the day.

It was very touching as the Groom sang a romantic song to his Bride, which made her very happy and brought tears of joy to her eyes.

We really enjoyed their fantastic first dance! So good and so different - we could have watched for hours.

You fit together so well.

We hope you have a great honeymoon and may you have many wonderful "moments" together in a long and happy marriage.